Courier service between the China mainland and Hong Kong (also Macao and Taiwan)

Fei Cheung Express Ltd, a subsidiary of the Group, has run courier service between China mainland on the one side and Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao on the other for over a decade. Through the untiring efforts made over all those years that have ushered in experience, the company has matured into a specialist in this field, running courier service that covers the whole of China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao.   The company has subsidiaries in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, each having a fleet of vehicles, plus branch offices established in major and smaller cities all over the country. With abundant experience in the operation of courier service, and with talents working in our workforce, we can help you work out plans to meet your specific requirements. Any time you key in on our website the consignment note number, you can track the delivery status, including customs clearance status, of your consignment. We assure you of the very efficient, safe and thoughtful service we provide. 

 Services we provide:

1.      Courier service for parcels and documents,

2.      Representing customers in cross-border delivery of consignment,

Courier service for consignment that packs a whole container, or part of a container in conjunction with consignments from other sources, including customs broking service in tariff matters.